Know all our Specialist Treatments

In this line, the rest of the group’s sources of income in the Astarte Clinic are framed. Some of the most prominent are the cardiology, traumatology and general surgery units.


Our specialists are responsible for the study, diagnosis and fully individualised treatment of any disease of the heart and circulatory system.

Medical Team
Dr. Miriam Marín Torres
Dr. Sara Casquero Domínguez

General Surgery

Thanks to the astounding team of general surgeons, any medical condition can be treated with the greatest confidence and the best results.

Medical Team
Dr. Rafael Gómez Becerril
Dr. José Manuel Jiménez Martínez

Endocrinology and Nutrition

We apply the most suitable treatments to our patients, meaning our team consists of the best endocrine and nutritionists to overcome possible issues.

Medical Team
Dr. Marta Iturregui Guevara

Internal Medicine

Our internal medicine team is perfectly qualified to detect, through diagnostic tests, any health issue, guiding the patient towards a preventive medicine with good living habits.

Medical Team
Dr. Adriana Fernández Rodríguez


Analysis and detection, followed by wholly individualised and continuous care throughout the treatment process.

Medical Team
Dr. Miriam González de la Peña Bohórquez


Our team of psychologists accompanies the patient throughout the treatment of any disease, thus becoming a fundamental pillar for recovery.

Medical Team
Dr. Irene Arroyo Quirell


We take care of generating the clearest images from inside of the body thanks to the latest innovations in the sector, thus giving the patient a reliable diagnosis.

Medical Team
Dr. Abdenour Ghouila Ghouila

Diet and Nutrition

Having a healthy and healthy life based on the Mediterranean diet is paramount for us. Therefore, we have a team of professionals that help patients achieve their goals.

Medical Team
Lda. Isabel Sánchez Martín


Our traumatologists offer a service based on injury prevention and treatment with the best results.

Medical Team
Dr. Nicolás Cachero Rodríguez
Dr. Javier Romero Fernández
Dr. Carlos Funes Morante
Dr. José Manuel Vilches Fernández
Dr. Fernando Oliva Mora
Dr. Luis Traverso
Dr. Francisco Mera
Dr. Claudio Cano Gómez

Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation

The main aims of our professionals is that the patient feels safe, confident and does not feel any pain prior to procedures.

Medical Team
Dr. Francisco Manuel Mejías Pérez


We study, diagnose and treat blood diseases and the organs that participate in its production, thanks to our efficient and professional team focused on this specialty.

Medical Team
Dr. Carlos Montesinos Fernández


Having the best professionals in the sector, the latest advances in 3D technology and the services of a state-of-the-art hospital, will provide a comprehensive solution to all your oral health problems.

Medical Team
Dr. Miguel Ángel Martínez Molina

Plastic Surgery

Equipped with cutting-edge advances in plastic and cosmetic surgery, and the finest doctors specialising in the field, offering you the solution you seek to improve your appearance in a personalised manner.

Medical Team
Specialist mammary surgeon
Specialist facial surgeon
Specialist body surgeon


Medical Team
Dr. Conrado Montesinos